Energy Efficient and Low Emissions Products

Investing in opportunities related to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability in buildings, industrial processes and transportation around the world fuels our growth strategy.

HVAC and lighting systems are a great opportunity to reduce energy consumption in commercial, industrial and residential buildings – which account for nearly half of global energy consumption. As a company at the forefront of sustainability, developing energy efficient solutions is core to our business strategy. Today, approximately 25% of our revenue is from products and services that contribute to the clean energy transition. One example of our work with customers was with Honeywell. We provided an efficient, cost-effective solution for cooling the world’s largest undersea tunnel, the Channel Tunnel. The system saved enough electricity to power 1,000 households after just one season of operation.


Management Approach

2020 Target

Establish portfolios that meet world-class environmental criteria for energy consumption and emissions from the use of the product.


Our senior vice president and chief technology officer oversees the product development process including engineering, innovation, product development and growth strategy.


Several tools help us track and manage the energy efficiency of our products. Recently, we created a product GHG calculator to track our product-related emissions, including emissions generated from electricity use.