Governance, Ethics and Risk Management 

Our core values – integrity, respect, teamwork, innovation and courage – are the foundation of our enduring success. Integrity leads the list because it is fundamental to our 148-year reputation and central to our philosophy of corporate governance. Guided by our Code of Conduct, we operate in accordance with the law and the highest standards of ethical conduct to do what is in the best interest of our stakeholders, the environment and society. Read more about our approach to governance, ethics and risk management in our 2018 Annual Report and on our website

Our Code of Conduct reinforces our values and sets clear expectations of ethical behavior for every one of our employees, regardless of role or location. To ensure our code guides everything we do, all salaried employees are required to complete an annual code of conduct training program – including an attestation of their compliance. When we refreshed our code in early 2018, we also made it digitally accessible, easy to navigate, interactive and policy-based. Additionally, we have an executive-level global Business Integrity Council and region-level councils that operationalize compliance practices locally and raise local issues to the executive level council for consideration and remediation.


Our Code of Conduct and associated Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy reflect our commitment to integrity. The policy, which is overseen by the Board of Directors, prohibits all company employees from giving and offering anything of value in exchange for a business advantage. This includes a complete ban on facilitation payments to secure routine government functions, even though such payments are permissible under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Additionally, we know the actions of our business partners may be considered actions of Ingersoll Rand. We leverage a third-party vendor to conduct compliance screenings from thousands of global public record databases.



148 years

of integrity, respect, teamwork, innovation and courage