Social Impact of our Products

Our products and services create comfortable, sustainable and efficient environments that advance the quality of life across the globe. Our team is at the forefront of innovating where global trends intersect with buildings, industrial processes and transportation needs. Whether the challenge is climate change, urbanization or natural resource constraints, our expertise enables us to reduce energy use and improve efficiency. For example, as a global provider, we recognize the importance of enabling expanded access to cooling and comfort. With the demand for air conditioning continuing to rise worldwide, we are thinking bigger and bolder about how to deliver leading-edge technologies designed for sustainability. The application of ice storage, for example, has added new capabilities to our portfolio of solutions that drive building performance while improving energy cost. Thermal energy storage systems utilize ice or chilled water, which is created during off-peak hours and stored in tanks, to meet a building’s peak cooling needs. It is a proven technology in effectively cooling buildings, reducing bills up to 40%. With the operational savings, the solution also drives sustainability and resiliency.