Human Rights

To provide energy-efficient technology solutions, Ingersoll Rand must ensure our people and our suppliers share our values and adhere to our standards of human rights.

In 2010, we adopted our Global Human Rights Policy, available on our website, to strengthen our commitment to our employees, business partners, customers and communities. This policy represents our standards for working conditions and human rights, shaped by international organizations such as the International Labor Organization and the United Nations. It prohibits child and forced labor, discrimination and harassment in the workplace, and addresses freedom of association, work environment standards, compensation and employee privacy. Through our Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement, we committed to taking steps to ensure that human trafficking and forced labor is not taking place in our supply chain or business. The standards outlined in our policy and statement are fundamental to how we do business in accordance with our sustainability vision and core values. 

To promote and enforce our policy and expectations, Ingersoll Rand communicates the policy to 100% of our employees through our Code of Conduct training. We implemented a full training course dedicated to anti-human trafficking, in which salaried employees in roles such as Legal, Human Resources and Global Integrated Supply Chain are assigned courses based on function and associated risks. Ingersoll Rand encourages all employees who believe our policy has been violated to report violations through our Ethics Helpline; we do not tolerate retaliatory actions.

We hold our suppliers to the same high standards to which we hold ourselves. To do that, we screen 100% of new suppliers on human rights and labor practices. Our Business Partner Code of Conduct (BPCoC), which outlines our expectations, is integral to our standard purchase agreement. We also monitor and reinforce our code and policy by annually surveying a sample of the top 80% of our direct material suppliers to confirm their adherence. Read more about our supply chain management and approach to supply chain transparency and performance