Allen Ge

President, HVAC and Transport Solutions Asia Pacific and India

Allen Ge

Allen W. Ge was named President of HVAC and Transport, Asia Pacific and India in November 2013 and added additional corporate responsibility in January 2014 as corporate officer and senior executive leadership sponsor for Asia pacific region.

Allen joined Ingersoll Rand in January 2011 and served as the company’s Asia Pacific President of Climate Solutions Sector prior to the recent appointment. Allen and his team institutionally implemented the market coverage concept for creating a standard sales management operating system and SQEER (Speed, Quality, Engaged Employees and Results) winning culture across the region.

Allen joined Ingersoll Rand from United Technologies as President of Otis Elevator China Investment Co. Ltd. Prior to United Technologies, Allen worked with ThyssenKrupp and served as Chief Executive Officer of ThysenKrupp Elevator China. Allen has a combination of professional careers in finance management, sales & marketing management and general management with increasing responsibilities from functional leadership to overall management responsibility.

Allen received the 2009 China Leadership Award of Innovation by CBN and was the nominee for 2009 Asia Leadership Award by CNBC Asia.

Allen graduated from Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Canada with master’s degree in business administration and Asia American Executive Program from Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford University, USA.

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